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Wool soap with lanolin (select between lemongrass-lavender and odorless)- with organic coconut oil- high lanolin content- plastic-free- palm oil-free- concentra

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Wool soap with lanolin (select between lemongrass-lavender and odorless)

- with organic coconut oil

- high lanolin content

- plastic-free

- palm oil-free

- concentrated

- package free

- handmade in Estonia

Wool detergent with lanolin is a wonderful care product for woolen nappies and all other woolen garments.

Why is it important for wool detergent to contain lanolin (wool wax)?

Because lanolin makes woolen items antibacterial and self-cleaning. The soap with lanolin gently cleanses the natural fabric and returns the lanolin removed in the production process. In the case of woolen nappies, washing with this soap prolongs the water repellency of the nappy, restoring the protective layer required for each wash (the nappy cover also requires a proper lanolin bath before use and an average of 1x a month).

How to use?

When wool cover gets dirty, soak wool cover in lukewarm water with wool detergent or soap flakes for 15 minutes to remove any dirt between the fibers. Then gently wash and rinse the woolen item. After that rub the cover with lanolin soap or melt some soap in lukewarm water and let the cover soak for 15 more minutes. This will restore the lanolin layer removed in the wash and you can postpone the next lanolin bath. After washing, roll item into a clean dry towel and press the excess water out, stepping on the towel (do not twist), this will significantly speed up the drying time.

Ingredients of lemongrass-lavender soap: organic coconut oil, water, glycerin, pure lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, lavender *, lemongrass *. * Essential oil

Fragrance-free soap ingredients: organic coconut oil, water, glycerin, pure lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide.

The soap is sold without packaging. If you would like to include an ingredient label, please enter this information in the comment box when ordering.


Most natural detergents are packaged in a plastic bottle and contain a lot of water in addition to the detergent. A solid detergent is a great alternative if you want to preserve nature, reduce packaging consumption and use a concentrated detergent.