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HandmadeMaterials: WoolWidth: 60 centimetersLength: 120 centimeters100% wool felt mattress cover- repels moisture and dirt and keeps the mattress clean and dry;

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  • Handmade

  • Materials: Wool

  • Width: 60 centimeters

    Length: 120 centimeters

100% wool felt mattress cover

- repels moisture and dirt and keeps the mattress clean and dry;
- is pleasantly breathable and keeps baby warm in cool weather, ensures natural air circulation and keeps moisture away from the body in warm weather;
- is an antibacterial and hygienic layer under the child's side;
- is also suitable for air baths and diaper change, inside buggy or even as an adult gym mat - it is convenient to fold and carry.

Mattress cover size: approximately 60x120cm

The felt has no seams or rubbers, so you can cut it smaller if you want.

Composition: 100% felted wool, 4mm thick. The matterss cover may have a distinctive wool smell.

The wool felt contains natural lanolin and is ready to use, but I still recommend soaking it in lanolin water before use to refresh the lanolin layer.

It must be taken into account that wool is moisture-repellent, but not completely waterproof. If lanolin content is low in wool or a large amount of liquid gets on the cover, it may penetrate the felt. To make sure that nothing leaks onto the mattress from there, put a moisture-absorbent (terry) towel between wool felt and bed sheel, soak the wool felt in lanolin water from time to time and/or place an extra waterproof sheet under the wool felt (in this case the waterproof sheet is used, but it is not directly in contact with the child's skin and does not make him sweat and does not affect his well-being and sleep). Wool provides a breathable, temperature regulating and antibacterial layer. If a leak does occur, airing cleans it, as lanolin breaks down urine into salt and water.

How to use it:
- As a mattress cover - place the wool against the mattress and place bed sheet on it. If your baby has a lot of diaper leaks or has a milk drop, put a terry towel between the wool felt and the bed sheet to absorb more liquid.
- As a diaper change and air bath mat, place a soft absorbent towel over the wool felt to absorb any possible liquid.
- You can use the felt in the baby buggy exactly as it is - there is no need to add an absorbent layer.

Care: If the felt gets wet, hang it in the room to dry or air dry outside. After drying, the felt is ready for use again, as it is self-cleaning- lanolin breaks down urine and neutralizes bacteria. Soak the wool felt a few times a year in a lanolin solution to restore the worn-out layer of lanolin. Use 1 tablespoon of lanolin and 1-2 tablespoons of natural soap to make an emulsion.
If necessary, gently wash at 30°Cby hand or in a washing machine using a wool program that is specially designed for washing wool. Wool may shrink in wash up to 5%.