Popolini - Easy Free

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Svensk text kommer inom någon dag!All-in-3+ system (3 parts + nappy free function in one)The EasyFree is a size-adjustable nappyAvailable in S (~2,5-5 kg) M (~5

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Svensk text kommer inom någon dag!

All-in-3+ system (3 parts + nappy free function in one)

The EasyFree is a size-adjustable nappy

Available in S (~2,5-5 kg) M (~5-10 kg) L (~9-15kg)

It consists of 4 parts

1) Cover: a cotton cover with Velcro strap (attention, the Velcro strap closes from front to back). It provides the necessary stability to the nappy. Soft leg cuffs for plenty of comfort. An optional Belly Strap for easy nappy-free use.

2) Pouch (inner-nappy): made of polyurethane coated polyester and is the most important part of the nappy. The pouch is there to keep the liquids inside the nappy and that no humidity gets out.

3) Liner: the liner is buttoned-into the pouch. Its practical pocket permits to add absorbent layers e.g. with EasyFree Booster Liner (not included).

4) Nappy-free belly-strap: in order to use the EasyFree as an EC (elimination communication) nappy, the belly strap can be fastened to the hooks of the cover. This permits to open and close the nappy with one hand while holding the baby over a sink or toilet.

Advantages of the EasyFree:

- Slim nappy pack

- Less laundry – eco-friendly

- As easy to change as throw away diapers

- Cloth nappy and nappy-free usage

- Perfect fit thanks to its 3-size system

- Absorbency can be adjusted

- Ideal cloth-nappy for baby sitters, day nursery…

- And simply beautiful!


Cover: 100% organic cotton

Pouch: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating

Liner: Absorbent core, 50% polyester, 50% viscose, outer layer, 100% organic cotton terry

Cover washable at 40°C

Pouch washable at 60°C

Liners washable at 95°C

Tipp: before usage wash 1 to 3 times to activate its absorbency.