Smart Bottoms

Vi har med några få undantag inte produkterna från Smart Bottoms i lager, men vi kan lätt ta in deras produkter via Avo&Cado. Vill du se hela sortimentet hittar du det här:

Vi beställer realtivt ofta från Avo&Cado så hittar du något du vill ha från just Smart Bottoms skriv ett mail till [email protected], så återkommer vi med priser och hur långleveranstiden skulle bli.

Här nedan hittar du lite informaton om, och hur SmartBottom började, på engelska:
Smart Bottoms was started in 2010 when Christy Malone and her husband, Geoff, decided to cloth diaper their youngest daughter. After a few months of using a name brand pocket diaper they were forced to make a tough decision. Their daughter was allergic to the polyester lining of the diapers, so they needed something free of chemicals. Christy set out to create an organic, AIO diaper that her daughter could use without the worry of skin irritation and Smart Bottoms was born.

Smart Bottoms offers an organic cloth diapering system that uses the highest quality, USA-made fabrics. Knowing how the fabric is milled and processed has been a top priority for Smart Bottoms from the very beginning. Parents should be able to choose a product that they can feel confident is free from harmful chemicals and Smart Bottoms strives to be that obvious choice.

This woman-owned, small business proudly manufactures the majority of its products in Grand Rapids, MI.